Resource and curriculum development

Resources and publications

In 1997, Annie began writing resources and publications. Since then she has produced a number of drug education and harm reduction booklets; training guides and educator’s kits. She has also contributed to the peer reviewed literature and is a freelance writer for Of Substance magazine.  Following is a list of her current publications:

  • Bleeker, A, (1997) “Cannabis – Fighting the fears with the Facts”, Manly Drug Education and Counselling Centre, May, Sydney, NSW.
  • Bleeker, A, and Malcolm, A, (1998) “Mulling it Over – Health information for people who use cannabis”, Manly Drug Education and Counselling Centre, Sydney, NSW.
  • Bleeker, A.M, (2000) “The Development, Implementation and Evaluation of the Drug Stop Project (DSP) a drug and alcohol peer education project for young people”, UNSW, Sydney, NSW.
  • Bleeker, A, (2001) Hepatitis C Educators Kit – Streetwize Communications, Sydney, NSW.
  • Bleeker, A, and Malcolm, A, (2001) Cannabis Quiz – An education tool for teachers, students and workers about health and psychological consequences of Cannabis Use. Manly Drug Education and Counselling Centre, Sydney, NSW.
  • Bleeker, A, (2001) Chemical Reaction – A harm reduction resource on the effects of poly drug use.  Designed for recreational users.  Manly Drug Education and Counselling Centre, September, Sydney, NSW.
  • Bleeker, A.M, and Jamin, J, (2003) Unity – The Do-It-Yourself Peer Education Guidelines for Working with Dance Drug Users. Jellinek Prevention, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • Malcolm, A, and Bleeker, A.M, (2008) Prevention of the Initiation into Injecting, (Educators Kit) Kirketon Road Centre, Sydney, NSW.
  • “Faith, Love and Theory: Peer led interventions for Party Drug Users”, (2008) in Drugs and Public Health, (edited by Moore, D and Dietze, P) Oxford University Press, Melbourne, VIC.
  • Bleeker, A.M, Silins, E, Dillon, P, Simpson, M, Copeland, J. and Hickey, K. (2009) The Feasibility of peer led interventions to deliver health information to ecstasy and related drug (ERDs) users. NDARC Technical Report, 299. Sydney, NSW.
  • Bleeker, A.M, (2011) Cannabis Facts: Clearing the Smoke – Educator’s Kit and Community Education DVD, National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC). Sydney, NSW.
  • Bleeker, A, (2013) Cannabis: A potent problem?  Of Substance: Vol.11 No.1. Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Bleeker, A, (2013) Alcohol and Energy Drinks: Too much hype? Of Substance: Vol.11 No.2. Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Bleeker, A, (2013) Synthetic Drugs – New drugs: New problems, Legally high: New Zealand’s bold new law. Of Substance: Vol.11 No.3. Commonwealth of Australia.
  • Bleeker, A. (2013) Evaluation Report: Youth Week 2013. HARP Unit, SESAHS, November 2013.
  • Bleeker, A and Hickey, K Youth Worker Training Package: Preventing hepatitis C and other blood borne infections (BBIs) amongst young people. HARP Unit, SESAHS, November 2013.
  • Silins E, Bleeker A.M, Simpson M, Dillon P, Copeland J. Does peer-delivered information at music events reduce ecstasy and methamphetamine use at three month follow-up? Findings from a quasi-experiment across three study sites. J Addiction Prevention. 2013;1(3): 8.

Curriculum development

Annie began working as a community educator and trainer/facilitator when she joined Manly Drug Education and Counselling Centre in 1997.  She continues to be in demand as a freelance trainer and facilitator both internationally and in Australia.

Some of her key achievements have been:

Annie co-wrote a five day Drug Information curriculum for the AusAID sponsored Indonesian Australian Specialised Training Project which she implemented with Australian and Indonesian consultants between 1999-2005 in approximately twenty different provinces and cities in Indonesia.

Annie also co-wrote the curriculum for an eight day international training course entitled Management of Effective HIV/AIDS Programs Targeting Injecting Drug Users. This course was co-facilitated by Annie and another consultant employed by the AIDS Project Management Group (APMG). The course was conducted in Chaing Mai, (2004), Bali, (2005), Kazakhstan (2006), Istanbul (2007) and Bangkok (2008).

Annie developed the curriculum and was the Lecturer/Tutor for a semester long unit entitled Drug and Alcohol Studies at the University of Western Sydney.

Annie also prepared a two day train-the-trainer curriculum for the AusAID, HIV/AIDS Asian Regional Program (HAARP) which was delivered in Bangkok in 2009. The training materials included PowerPoint, handouts and background reading materials.

In 2007 Annie began conducting training for the Youth Coalition of the ACT. She designed the curriculum and has delivered a number of one-day workshops entitled, Alcohol and Other Drugs Youth Worker Training.

In 2012/13, Annie has developed and delivered over 10 brief intervention and E-ASSIST workshops for the Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Association (ATODA) which was delivered to workers in the alcohol and drugs and allied health sector in the ACT. She also co-wrote a Youth Worker Training Package on how to prevent transmission of hepatitis C and other blood borne infections to young people for the HIV and Related Programs (HARP) Unit, South Eastern Sydney Area Health Service (SESAHS).